We offer a broad range of food grains like Barley (Jau), Bajra (Millet), Yellow corn (Makka) and Jwar (also known as Sorghum). These grains have almost no fat content and are free from excessive protein as well. These grains are provided in good packaging which ensures natural taste and nutritional values and can be preserved for a longer time.
These grains are processed very systematically using mechanized equipments which further are overlooked by experts who keep a check on the quality to guarantee that only the best products reach the end consumers.

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  • Barley

    Barley offered by our group is of the finest quality, free from excessive fats and has balanced protein content. Facts about Barley: Barley is considered …

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  • Millet/Bajra

    Facts about Bajra/Millet Indian Millet or more commonly known as Bajra, is a mildly sweet, nutty and a versatile grain which is rich in fat …

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  • Wheat

    Wheat, the main cereal crop of India,  is known as one of the first cereals to be domesticated. We offer Wheat of the finest quality. …

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  • Yellow Corn

    We provide yellow corn/Maize which is of the highest quality. It is maintained with great care and thus is free from any sort of harmful …

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