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Facts about Bajra/Millet

Indian Millet or more commonly known as Bajra, is a mildly sweet, nutty and a versatile grain which is rich in fat and also a good source for nutrition which is soothing and ideal for winters as well as fall. It is a good source for copper, iron, Vitamin B, manganese, phosphorus and also magnesium which gives it properties that helps reduce severity of asthma, migraine attacks, lower blood pressure and also reduce the risk of heart attack.

Benefits of Millet/Bajra

  • Millet is used as an ingredient for bird seed.
  • It is used to make flatbreads or rotis, in beer as well as in other East European fermented drinks.
  • It is very alkaline because of which it is very soothing for the stomach.
  • Millet is a delicious grain that is used as an accompaniment with various types of food.
  • Since it is a source for Magnesium, Millets are very good for reducing the severity of asthma and migraine attacks.
  • Millet is very good for development and repair of body tissues.
  • It can help avoid gallstones since it is a source of insoluble fibres which is good to speed up the transit time that food takes to move through the intestines.



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