Agro India group is known for providing material that is of the highest quality, and this stands true for the animal feed products that we have as well. We offer produces like Cotton Seed meal, Dorb, Rice Bran Meal, Soya Bean Meal, Rape Seed Meal, Dorb and Guar Korma Meal. The products are packaged following all the quality standards so as to retain the goodness of the natural produce to the optimum.

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  • Cottonseed Meal

    Cotton Seed meal is the byproduct remaining after cotton is ginned, seeds are crushed and oil is extracted which is usually used for animal feed. …

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  • De Oiled Mustard Cake (DOMC)

    De Oiled Mustard Cake or DOMC is acquired as a byproduct after extracting oil from mustard seeds which is used mainly as cattle and poultry …

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  • De Oiled Rice Bran (DORB)

    DORB is the by product that remains after crude oil has been extracted from rice bran. It is used as a food for cattle, fish …

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  • Guar Korma Meal

    Guar Korma Meal offered by Agro India Group is known to be of a very good quality meal that is mainly used as a feed …

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  • Rapeseed Meal

    It is a high protein product that is used to feed animals. Rapeseed Meals has adequate lysine and methionine which is favourable to non-ruminant poultry …

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  • Soyabean Meal

    Soyabean Meal is obtained after grinding the flakes which removes most of the oil. It is commonly used as an animal feed as it is …

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