Oil seeds offered by Agro India Group are of premier quality. These are packaged in a manner that the end consumers get products that are of high nutritional value and possess their natural qualities, flavour and their zestful aroma. We offer Black Sesame Seeds, Hulled Sesame seed, Mustard Seed, Sesame Seeds (White) and Yellow Mustard Seeds.

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  • Black Sesame Seeds

    We offer Natural Black Sesame Seeds that are of superior quality and these are packed in a manner that preserves its natural components and nutritional …

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  • Hulled Sesame Seed

    We provide Hulled Sesame Seeds which belong to the top grades. These are hulled at times manually and at other times mechanically. At Agro India …

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  • Mustard Seed

    Mustard seeds are used world over for their unique healing properties and are used in various forms. For instance, Mustard seeds can be crushed to …

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  • Sesame Seeds (White)

    These seeds are known to be oil – rich and are valued not just in India but across the globe, especially in West and Middle …

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  • Yellow Mustard Seeds

    As far as Indian cooking is concerned, Yellow mustard seeds are an integral part. These are mild in flavour as compared to Black Mustard and …

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