Coconut is known world over for the great versatility that it offers. At Agro India we offer two varieties of the coconut, namely; the desiccated and the dry coconut. Coconut is found usually in the tropical belt and is rich in vitamins, minerals and calories. To maintain its natural values, we at Agro India procure and package the coconut forms with utmost care and also team of experts look after the quality of the product to make sure that these are free from all sorts of adulterations and free from infects.

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  • Desiccated Coconut

    Desiccated coconut is the coconut which is obtained after shredding or flaking a coconut. This is then dried to get rid of any moisture and …

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  • Dry Coconut

    Dry coconut is widely used across South India as well as fondly consumed within Northern parts of India as well. Coconut in this form is …

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